Add another domain

Your company might need multiple domain names for different purposes. For example, you might want to add a different spelling of your company name because customers are already using it and their communications have failed to reach you.

Try it!

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, choose Setup.
  2. Under Get your custom domain set up, select View.
  3. Choose Manage, and then Add domain.
  4. Enter the new domain name that you want to add, and then select Next.
  5. Sign in to your domain registrar, in this case GoDaddy, and then select Next.
  6. If prompted, sign in to your registrar, and then choose Authorize.
  7. Choose Add the DNS records for me, and then select Next.
  8. Choose the services for your new domain and clear the check boxes for any services that will be handled by a different domain. For example, if you just want to use the new domain for email, choose Exchange, and clear the check boxes for Skype for Business and Mobile Device Management for Office 365.
  9. Select Next, Authorize, Next,and then Finish. Your new domain has been added.

To receive email at your new domain, you'll need to add a new email alias for each user:

  1. Select Users, Active users, and then select the user who will be assigned the new alias.
  2. Choose Manage email aliases, and then Add an alias.
  3. Enter the username, and then choose the new domain from the drop-down list.
  4. Select Save changes, and then close the window.
  5. Repeat these steps for each user who should receive email at the new domain.

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