Install Outlook and Office apps on iOS devices

Once you've set up Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you can install Office apps on your iPhone. After installing the apps, you'll be prompted to create a PIN to help secure your Office data.

Try it!

  1. On your iPhone, open the App Store.
  2. Select Search , type Outlook in the search bar, and then choose it.
  3. Choose Get > Install.
  4. Enter your Apple ID password, select Sign in > Open.
  5. Enter your work email address.
  6. Select Add Account , enter your password, and then choose Sign in.
  7. (Optional), Select **Let's Do It ** to add more accounts, or select Maybe Later to skip this step.
  8. Select OK to restart the app so that Microsoft 365 Business can protect your Outlook data.
  9. Open Outlook again, and a confirmation message appears. Select OK.
  10. Create a PIN for Outlook and other Office apps, and confirm it. From now on, this PIN will be used to secure all Office app data.
  11. Select Turn On to enable email notifications.
  12. Select Allow to enable push notifications.

You can now use Outlook on your iPhone to check your email, calendar, and contacts.

You can install the rest of the Office apps in the same way and the data in those apps will be protected by Microsoft 365 Business Premium.