DesignerActionMethodItem.IncludeAsDesignerVerb Property


Gets a value that indicates the DesignerActionMethodItem should appear in other user interface contexts.

 virtual property bool IncludeAsDesignerVerb { bool get(); };
public virtual bool IncludeAsDesignerVerb { get; }
member this.IncludeAsDesignerVerb : bool
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property IncludeAsDesignerVerb As Boolean

Property Value

true if the item is to be used in shortcut menus; otherwise, false. The default is false.


If the IncludeAsDesignerVerb property is set to true, then the item is also considered a DesignerVerb; therefore, it will be added to the component's design-time shortcut menu. A list of designer verbs can be accessed through the designer's Verbs collection property.

The value of the IncludeAsDesignerVerb property is set in the constructor for this class.

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