MaskedTextProvider.PromptChar Property


Gets or sets the character used to represent the absence of user input for all available edit positions.

 property char PromptChar { char get(); void set(char value); };
public char PromptChar { get; set; }
member this.PromptChar : char with get, set
Public Property PromptChar As Char

Property Value

The character used to prompt the user for input. The default is an underscore (_).


The prompt character specified when setting this property is the same as the current password character, PasswordChar. The two are required to be different.

The character specified when setting this property is not a valid password character, as determined by the IsValidPasswordChar(Char) method.


The PromptChar property represents the prompt character that is used by the ToDisplayString and ToString methods to represent the current state of the formatted input string. A prompt character is placed in editable positions that have not yet been assigned an input value. Some versions of the ToString method also depend on the value of the IncludePrompt property.

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