HttpContext.SetSessionStateBehavior(SessionStateBehavior) Method


Sets the type of session state behavior that is required in order to support an HTTP request.

 void SetSessionStateBehavior(System::Web::SessionState::SessionStateBehavior sessionStateBehavior);
public void SetSessionStateBehavior (System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateBehavior sessionStateBehavior);
member this.SetSessionStateBehavior : System.Web.SessionState.SessionStateBehavior -> unit
Public Sub SetSessionStateBehavior (sessionStateBehavior As SessionStateBehavior)



One of the enumeration values that specifies what type of session state behavior is required.


The method was called after the AcquireRequestState event was raised.


In the ASP.NET default implementation, an HTTP request handler indicates whether it requires session state by implementing the IRequiresSessionState interface or the IReadOnlySessionState interface. The SetSessionStateBehavior method and the SessionStateBehavior enumeration let you provide more detail about what type of session state support is required in order to handle a request. For more information, see the SessionStateBehavior enumeration.

The SetSessionStateBehavior method must be called before the AcquireRequestState pipeline event. Calls that occur during or after this event will cause an InvalidOperationException exception.

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