DataSourceCapabilities Enum


Provides a way to request processing beyond record retrieval for a data retrieval operation of a data source control.

This enumeration has a <a href="">FlagsAttribute</a> attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class DataSourceCapabilities
public enum DataSourceCapabilities
type DataSourceCapabilities = 
Public Enum DataSourceCapabilities


None 0

Represents no paging, sorting, or total row count retrieval capabilities.

Page 2

Represents the capability to page through the rows returned by an ExecuteSelect(DataSourceSelectArguments) operation.

RetrieveTotalRowCount 4

Represents the capability to retrieve a total row count of data, which corresponds to using the SelectCount value.

Sort 1

Represents the capability to sort through the rows returned by an ExecuteSelect(DataSourceSelectArguments) operation.


Data source controls use the DataSourceCapabilities enumeration in conjunction with the DataSourceSelectArguments class to request paging, sorting, or other select-specific capabilities when performing a data retrieval operation. The requested capabilities are checked against the actual capabilities of the data source control during the data retrieval operation, and if they do not match an exception is raised.

This enumeration supports the FlagsAttribute attribute, which enables you to use more than one member at a time.

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