Control.SetTopLevel(Boolean) Control.SetTopLevel(Boolean) Control.SetTopLevel(Boolean) Control.SetTopLevel(Boolean) Method


Sets the control as the top-level control.

 void SetTopLevel(bool value);
protected void SetTopLevel (bool value);
member this.SetTopLevel : bool -> unit
Protected Sub SetTopLevel (value As Boolean)


Boolean Boolean Boolean Boolean

true to set the control as the top-level control; otherwise, false.


The value parameter is set to true and the control is an ActiveX control.

The GetTopLevel() return value is not equal to the value parameter and the Parent property is not null.


If you call the SetTopLevel method of a Form and pass in a value of false, the form will not be visible until you call SetTopLevel again, passing in a value of true.


to set the control as a top-level control if it is of any type other than Form. This permission is only demanded if the value parameter is true and the control is not an ActiveX control. Associated enumeration: AllWindows value of UIPermissionWindow.

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