Special entries and opening sheets

Legal entities in Spain can post special entries as opening entries for the current period, while adapting accounts to changes in accounting rules.

By using opening sheets, you can indicate the following:

  • Increase the value of specific financial fixed assets.
  • Change the value of specific raw materials when the value has changed significantly during the year and when the material meets specific criteria.

When you close the entries for the previous fiscal year, you can create several lines by setting the Type field to Opening. This allows special opening entries for the current fiscal year to be posted. You can make adjustments to the opening sheet for the fiscal year on the Opening sheets page.

Create a new opening sheet

To create a new Opening sheet, click New on the Opening sheets page, and specify the following.

Field Description
Opening sheets Enter a code for the opening sheet. You can create several opening sheets for each year, but each must have a unique identifier in the Opening sheets field.
Name Name for the opening sheet.
Posting layer Select the posting layer for the transactions.
Type Select Opening to make adjustments for the entire year that were maintained separately from the daily postings in the last period of the year. If you select Opening, you should use the Opening fiscal period field on the General tab to specify the opening period to post to.
From … To Specify the period that the adjustments apply to.
Post Specify the posting date for the adjustments.

After you enter the general information about the opening sheet, you'll need to specify the main accounts to include in the opening sheet. To do this, click Opening accounts > Load balances on the Opening sheets page. To post all ledger account balances and adjustments to the opening sheet, click Post.