rxSetFileSystem: Set and Get RevoScaleR File System


Set and get the default file system for RevoScaleR operations.


    rxSetFileSystem( fileSystem, ...)
    rxGetFileSystem(x = NULL)



character string specifying class name, file system type, or existing RxFileSystem object. Choices include: "RxNativeFileSystem" or "native", or "RxHdfsFileSystem" or "hdfs". Optional arguments hostName and port may be specified for HDFS file systems.


other arguments are passed to the underlying class generator.


optional RxXdfData or RxTextData object from which to retrieve the file system object.


If x is a file system or is a data source object that contains one, that RxFileSystem object is returned. Next, if the compute context contains a file system, that RxFileSystem object is returned. If no file system object has been found, the previously set RxFileSystem file system object is returned. The file system object is returned invisibly.


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See Also

RxFileSystem, RxNativeFileSystem, RxHdfsFileSystem, rxOptions, RxXdfData, RxTextData.


 # Setup to run analyses to use HDFS file system
 ## Not run:

# Example 1
myHdfsFileSystem1 <- RxFileSystem(fileSystem = "hdfs")
rxSetFileSystem(fileSystem = myHdfsFileSystem1 )

# Example 2
myHdfsFileSystem2 <- RxHdfsFileSystem( hostName = "default", port = 0)
rxSetFileSystem( fileSystem = myHdfsFileSystem2)

# Example 3
rxSetFileSystem(fileSystem = "hdfs", hostName = "myHost", port = 8020)

## End(Not run) 

 # Specify a file system in a text data source object
 hdfsFS1 <- RxHdfsFileSystem()
 textDS <- RxTextData(file = "myfile.txt", fileSystem = hdfsFS1)

 # Retrieve the file system information