Request region access for Azure NetApp Files

In some special situations, you might need to explicitly request access to a region. This article explains how to submit a request.


  1. Go to New Support Request under Support + troubleshooting.

  2. Under the Problem description tab, provide the required information:

    1. For Issue Type, select Service and Subscription Limits (Quotas).
    2. For Subscription, select your subscription.
    3. For Quota Type, select Storage: Azure NetApp Files limits.

    Screenshot that shows the Problem Description tab.

  3. Under the Additional details tab, click Enter details in the Request Details field.

    Screenshot that shows the Details tab and the Enter Details field.

  4. To request region access, provide the following information in the Quota Details window that appears:

    1. In Quota Type, select Region Access.
    2. In Region Requested, select your region.

    Screenshot that shows the Quota Details window for requesting region access.

  5. Click Save and continue. Click Review + create to create the request.

Next steps