Customizing Your Finance and Operations, Business edition Experience

Finance and Operations, Business edition is designed to help you run your business, regardless which line of business you are in. At the core of Finance and Operations, Business edition, you find financial reporting and sales and purchasing processes. You add experiences to that according to your business needs by adding extensions from AppSource or by changing the Experience setting for your company. For more information, see Customizing Finance and Operations, Business edition Using Extensions, or the Choosing a User Experience section below.

Choosing a User Experience to Show or Hide Features

The user experience determines how much of the core functionality is available when you and your colleagues use Finance and Operations, Business edition. You can choose the user experience for your company in the Company Information window, in the Experience field.


This setting applies to all users in your company. Users can customize their own experience even further by changing page layouts and content. For more information, see Personalizing Your Workspace and Pages.

The following table lists the experiences that are currently available.

Experience Impact on User Interface
Basic Shows only core actions and fields within the most common business functionality, such as sales, purchasing, inventory, and finance.
Essential Shows all actions and fields for all common business functionality.


With the Sandbox option, you can select the Advanced experience, which gives access to all possible business functionality, including Manufacturing and Service Management. For more information, see Create a Sandbox Environment.

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