ST_ISVALID (Azure Cosmos DB)

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the specified GeoJSON Point, Polygon, or LineString expression is valid.




Is a GeoJSON Point, Polygon, or LineString expression.

Return types

Returns a Boolean expression.


The following example shows how to check if a point is valid using ST_VALID.

For example, this point has a latitude value that's not in the valid range of values [-90, 90], so the query returns false.

For polygons, the GeoJSON specification requires that the last coordinate pair provided should be the same as the first, to create a closed shape. Points within a polygon must be specified in counter-clockwise order. A polygon specified in clockwise order represents the inverse of the region within it.

SELECT ST_ISVALID({ "type": "Point", "coordinates": [31.9, -132.8] }) AS b 

Here is the result set.

[{ "b": false }]  

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