Generate an app to manage data in a SharePoint list

In PowerApps, generate a three-screen app automatically to manage data in a SharePoint list, whether the site is on-premises or in the cloud.

By default, every generated app has a screen for browsing records, a screen for showing details of a record, and a screen for creating or updating records. The initial layout and content for each screen is automatically determined, but you'll probably need to customize the app to suit your needs.

If you're unfamiliar with PowerApps, see Introduction to PowerApps.

As of this writing, PowerApps supports custom lists but not libraries. In addition, you can show data in some types of columns, such as Choice and Picture, but you can't update that data. For more information, see Known issues.


If any column name contains a space, PowerApps will show it as "_x0020_". For example "Column Name" will display as "Column_x0020_Name".

Specify a SharePoint app

  1. If you haven't already created a connection to SharePoint, create one.
  2. Open PowerApps in either of these ways:

  3. Under Start with your data, click or tap Phone layout on the SharePoint tile.

Specify a site and a list

  1. Under Connect to a SharePoint site, type or paste the URL to the site that contains the list that you want to use, and then click or tap Go.


    Don't include a specific list in the URL.

  2. Under Choose a list, click or tap the name of the list that you want to use.

    You can sort the list names alphabetically by clicking or tapping the sort button.

    You can also type or paste at least one letter in the search box to show only those list names that contain the text that you specify.

    Not all types of lists appear by default. If the name of the list that you want to use doesn't appear, scroll to the bottom, and then type the list name in the box that contains Enter custom list name.

  3. Click or tap Connect to generate the app.

    Connect button

  4. If you're prompted to take the intro tour, click or tap Next to get familiar with key areas of the PowerApps interface (or click or tap Skip).

    Opening screen of the intro tour

    You can always take the tour later by clicking or tapping the question-mark icon near the upper-right corner and then clicking or tapping Take the intro tour.

Next steps

  • To save the app that you've just generated, press Ctrl-S.
  • To customize the browse screen (which appears by default), see Customize a layout.
  • To customize the details or edit screens, see Customize a form.