Share your videos

This article shows you how to use Microsoft Stream to share your videos with others. For information on how to invite others, see the article on inviting coworkers to use Microsoft Stream.

Microsoft Stream enables you to share videos using the following methods:

  • Share via email
  • Share by sending the link
  • Share at a specific time
  • Share directly on Yammer

You can also embed your video on other internal company websites. Learn more about embedding videos.

To share a video with your coworkers

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Stream portal.
  2. Select the Share button from either the video page or when finding videos through search or browse.

  3. Once you press Share, a dialog appears.

  4. Copy the link URL to share the video in a message to your coworkers. You can also share the link from the address bar of the video page directly.

Sharing through email

Select the Email tab from the share dialog and add the list of users or groups that you would like to share with, or type in an email address from your company. Once you have selected the people you want to share with, select Send and close and an email will be sent to those people.


To share a video at a particular time, select the Start at check box and set the time that you would like to share the video at. The time will pre-populate based on when you select the Share button. You can play the video or seek to find the desired point and then select the Share button. Alternatively, you can set the time by typing in the box using MM:SS or HHH:MM:SS format. You can then share the link URL with your colleagues.


Share directly on Yammer

Select the Yammer share button on the share tab. This will open a Yammer share dialog allowing you share the video with your colleagues on Yammer and within Yammer groups. This will allow users to watch the video directly in Yammer.


To learn more about inline playback in Yammer, see Using Microsoft Stream in Yammer.

Permissions on your video

Only people authorized to see a video will be able to view it. By default, when you upload a video, the permissions are set for the video to be visible to the whole company. If you want to specify permissions to the specific users/groups, you can customize the video permissions. You can do that during upload or at some later time by editing the video permissions.

To choose specific groups/channels, or users, navigate to the Permissions tab and select who can view the video. To view the video, they must be signed in to Microsoft Stream. You can also make the video private.

Next steps

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