Tools for Xbox Live

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Development tools for Xbox Live Tools to help develop and test an Xbox Live-enabled title.
Config as Source tools (XblConfig.exe) Enables advanced users to integrate their tools with Xbox Live configuration services.
Global Storage tool (GlobalStorage.exe) GlobalStorage.exe is used to manage title global storage in test sandboxes, before publish to RETAIL.
Multiplayer Session History Viewer (MultiplayerSessionHistoryViewer.exe) Shows a historical timeline of all changes over a multiplayer session document's history.
Player Data Reset tool (PlayerReset.exe) Resets a player's data in test sandboxes.
Xbox Live Account tool (XboxLiveAccountTool.exe) Sets up existing test accounts for testing game scenarios.
Xbox Live Developer Account tool (XblDevAccount.exe) Manages authentication of a developer account and saves the credentials to be used across other Xbox Live executables.
Xbox Live PC Sandbox Switcher (XBLPCSandbox.exe) Command-line tool that helps manage the Xbox Live sandbox on PC.
Trace Analyzer for reviewing service calls Reviews the service calls made by a title.
Using Fiddler to inspect web service calls Using Fiddler to log and troubleshoot Xbox Live service calls.