Command Line Interface (CLI) Documentation

App Center command line interface is a unified tool for running App Center services from the command line. Our aim is to offer a concise and powerful tool for our developers to use App Center services and easily script a sequence of commands that they'd like to execute. You can currently login and view/configure all the apps that you have access to in App Center.

Although our current feature set is minimal, all the existing App Center services will be added going forward. Note that the App Center CLI is currently in public preview.

To get more information on CLI installation and currently supported commands, please refer to App Center CLI GitHub repo.

Getting Started


App Center CLI requires Node.js version 8 or better.


Open a terminal/command prompt, and run npm install -g appcenter-cli.

Logging in

  1. Open a terminal/command window.
  2. Run appcenter login. This will open a browser and generate a new API token.
  3. Copy the API token from the browser, and paste this into the command window. Image of browser token
  4. The command window will display Logged in as {user-name}. Image of terminal login
  5. Congratulations! You are successfully logged in and can run CLI commands.

There are two ways to use App Center CLI commands without running appcenter login prior:

Using the --token parameter:

  1. Create a Full Access API token (See steps 1-5).
  2. Open a terminal/command window.
  3. Add the --token switch to the CLI command you are running. For example, run appcenter apps list --token {API-token} to get a list of your configured applications.

Using the APPCENTER_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable:

You can set the APPCENTER_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable with your API token. This will work without having to append the --token switch to each CLI command.

Running your first CLI command

  1. Open a terminal/command window.
  2. Run appcenter to see a list of CLI commands.
  3. Run appcenter profile list to get the information about logged in user.

For more details on a list of CLI commands, please refer to App Center CLI GitHub repo.

A note about using the --app parameter:

Due to restrictions in how app name parsing is done, application names must not begin with hyphens or other ambigious characters that may confuse GNU style parsers. You can read more about this in the associated CLI issue.