Set up an Office 365 Education tenant

Schools can use Office 365 to save time and be more productive. Built with powerful tools and accessible from any device, setting it up is the first step in getting your school to the cloud.

Don't have an Office 365 for Education verified tenant or just starting out? Follow these steps to set up an Office 365 for Education tenant. Learn more about Office 365 for Education plans and pricing.

You can watch the descriptive audio version here: Microsoft Education: Set up an Office 365 Education tenant (DA)

To set up a new Office 365 Education tenant

  1. Go to the Office 365 for Education sign up page to sign up for a free subscription for your school.

  2. Create an account and a user ID and password to use to sign into your account.

    Figure 1 - Office 365 account creation

    Create an Office 365 account

  3. Save your sign-in info so you can use it to sign in to (the sign-in page). Click You're ready to go...

  4. In the Verify eligibility for Microsoft Office 365 for Education screen:

    1. Add your domain name and follow the steps to confirm ownership of the domain.

    2. Choose your DNS hosting provider to see step-by-step instructions on how to confirm that you own the domain.

      In some cases, you may need to wait several hours for the DNS verification to complete. You can click I'll verify later and come back later and log into the Office 365 portal and then go to the Admin center and select Domains to check the status entry for your domain.

      You may need to fill in other information to provide that you qualify for an education tenant. Provide and submit the info to Microsoft to continue verification for your tenant.

As part of setting up a basic cloud infrastructure, you don't need to complete the rest of the Office 365 for Education setup so we will skip the rest of setup for now and start importing school data. You can pick up where you left off with Office 365 for Education setup once you've completed the rest of the steps in the walkthrough. See Complete Office 365 for Education setup in Finish Windows 10 device setup and other tasks for info.

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