listServices: List the different published web services.


List the different published web services on the R Server instance.


  listServices(name = character(0), v = character(0))



When a name is specified, returns only web services with that name. Use quotes around the name string, such as "MyService".


When specified, returns only web services with that version.


Complete documentation:

The service name and service v version are optional. This call allows you to retrieve service information regarding:

1 All services published

1 All versioned services for a specific named service

1 A specific version for a named service

Users can use this information along with the discover_service operation to interact with and consume the web service.


A list of services and service information.

See Also

Other service methods: deleteService, getService, print.serviceDetails, publishService, serviceOption, summary.serviceDetails, updateService


 ## Not run:

# --- List all published services
services <- listServices()

# --- List all published versions of a service
services <- listServices("transmission")

# --- List a specific service version
service <- listServices("transmission", "1.0.1")
## End(Not run)