Run the Migration Wizard

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2008

You must complete the required migration tasks in the order that they are listed in the Migration Wizard. You may skip optional tasks or complete them at a more convenient time, such as when no users are logged on to the network. You have 21 days from the time that you finish installing Windows SBS 2008 to complete the migration process.

To use the Migration Wizard

  1. On the Home page of the Konzola systému Windows SBS, in Getting Started Tasks, click Migrate to Windows SBS.

  2. On the Welcome page, read the information about the Migration Wizard, and then click Next.

  3. On the Migration Wizard Home page, read the information on the page, and then click Next to start the process of migrating data and settings from the Source Server to the Destination Server.

  4. Follow the instructions in the wizard. Each page in the wizard contains either a link that starts a wizard to help you perform the task or a link to the instructions for manually performing the task. For more information, click the Help link on the page.

  5. You may exit the wizard at any time and return later to complete additional tasks. To exit the Migration Wizard, click Cancel. When you restart the wizard, it opens to the Migration Wizard Home page, where you can start the next migration task.

  6. When you finish a task, click Task Complete on the task page, and then click Next. The task is marked Completed on the Migration Wizard Home page.

  7. Repeat step 6 until all tasks are completed and the Source Server is removed from the network.

Migration Wizard tasks

Some tasks in the Migration Wizard are required, and some tasks are optional. The Migration Wizard helps you complete the following tasks:

  • Change where to store data on the Destination Server (optional)

  • Configure the network (required)

  • Configure the Internet address (required)

  • Migrate network settings (optional)

  • Migrate Exchange Server mailboxes and settings (required task if Exchange Server is installed on the Source Server)

  • Remove legacy Group Policy settings and logon settings (optional)

  • Migrate users’ shared data (optional)

  • Migrate the internal Web site (optional)

  • Migrate Fax data (optional)

  • Migrate user accounts and groups (required task)

  • Migrate SQL Server data (optional) The Migration Wizard does not include a task for migrating data for the Microsoft SQL Server® database software. If you plan to migrate SQL Server data, you must migrate it before you demote and remove the Source Server from the network. Instructions for migrating SQL Server data are included in this guide. It is recommended that you migrate this data before you finish the Migration Wizard.

  • Migrate data for line-of-business (LOB) applications. The Migration Wizard does not do this, so you must use the procedures provided by your LOB-application provider to migrate the data within the 21-day grace period that you have to complete the migration process.

  • Finish the migration