Dial-up Phone Numbers

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

To enable dial-in access, you must provide a phone number that your remote access clients use when making a dial-up connection to your server.

In Primary phone number, type the phone number your remote clients will use to dial-up to your server. Optionally, type an alternate phone number. You should type the phone numbers as they would be dialed by the client computers.

Option Description

Primary phone number

Type the first phone number that is used by your remote access clients when making a dial-up connection to your server.

Alternate phone number

If available, type an alternate phone number for remote access clients to use when the primary phone number is unavailable. This phone number is not required.


  • Dial-up phone numbers are used by default as the primary and alternate phone numbers in the Client Connection Manager configuration file. This file is used to configure client computers for remote access.

    To configure mobile client computers, such as laptops, that are currently connected to the local network, run the Set Up Computer Wizard, and then select the option to install Connection Manager. To configure remote client computers not currently connected to the local network, you can create a remote connection disk. You can then use the disk to configure the remote client computer to connect to the small business network. Alternatively, users can download Connection Manager from the Remote Web Workplace.

    For more information about configuring remote access for client computers, click Start, and then click Help and Support.