Using Outlook for E-mail and Calendar Tasks

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

You can use Outlook 2003 to send and check e-mail and to manage calendar tasks on your Windows SBS network.

  • Windows SBS includes an e-mail system, which you can use to send e-mail both inside and outside of your company. For more information, see Using e-mail.

  • When you are traveling or working from home, you can check your work e-mail remotely over the Internet by using a Web-based version of Outlook called Outlook Web Access. For more information, see Checking work e-mail remotely.

  • You can send a fax by opening a new message in Outlook and entering a fax number or fax contact instead of, or in addition to, an e-mail address. For more information, see Sending a fax as e-mail.

  • You can use Outlook to store and access shared company contacts and personal contacts. For more information, see Using contacts.

  • You can track your appointments, meetings, and events online by using Outlook. For more information, see Using your Outlook calendar.

  • You can use public folders to store all types of Outlook folder items, such as messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, journal entries, notes, forms, files, and postings. For more information, see Using public folders.