Remove E-mail Attachments

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

By removing e-mail attachments received from the Internet, you help to prevent a virus or malicious program from harming your local network.

Item Description

Enable Exchange Server to remove Internet e-mail attachments that have the following extensions

Select this check box to remove specified e-mail attachments from SMTP-based e-mail (e-mail that is received by Exchange server) from the Internet. This includes POP3 e-mail delivered by the Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes. It does not include e-mail attachments sent between two client computers on the local network.

If you do not want to remove any attachments, clear the check box.


When Internet e-mail attachments are removed from incoming e-mail, a text note is added to the message to notify the recipient that an e-mail attachment was removed. If you want to customize the message, you can modify the text in systemdrive\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\ICW\Attachment.txt.


In addition to removing e-mail attachments from Internet e-mail, consider using antivirus software that adequately protects your network from viruses.

File name extension

Displays the file name extensions that will be removed from Internet e-mail attachments. File name extensions follow the last period in a file name and indicate the type of information stored in a file. For example, in the file name Example.txt, the file name extension is .txt, which indicates that the file is a text file.


Displays the type of file for the file name extension. For example, batch file is the description for the .bat file name extension.

Save removed e-mail attachments in a folder

Select this check box to save removed e-mail attachments. You must then specify a folder.

You can perform the following actions for defining attachment types to be removed from Internet e-mail.

Item Description


Click to add a new attachment type that you want to remove from Internet e-mail.


Click to modify a selected attachment type that is already assigned.


Removes the selected attachment type from the list of attachment types that are to be removed from Internet e-mail.

Attachment types that are removed from Internet e-mail by default:

File name extension Description


Microsoft Access project extension


Microsoft Access project


FoxPro-generated application


Microsoft Visual Basic class module


Batch file


Compiled HTML Help file


Microsoft Windows–NT Command script


Microsoft MS-DOS program


Control Panel extension


Security certificate


Unix shell script




FoxPro file


Help file


HTML program


Setup Information


Internet Naming Service


Internet Communication settings


JScript file


Jscript Encoded Script file


Unix shell script




Microsoft Access add-in program


Microsoft Access program


Microsoft Access MDE database


Microsoft Access add-in data


Microsoft Access workgroup information


Microsoft Access wizard program


Microsoft Common Console document


Microsoft Windows Installer package


Microsoft Windows Installer update


Microsoft Windows Installer transform; Microsoft Visual Test source file


FoxPro file


Photo CD image; Microsoft Visual compiled script


Shortcut to MS-DOS program


Microsoft Outlook profile settings


FoxPro program source file


Registration entries


Windows Explorer command


Screen saver


Windows Script Component


Shell Scrap object


Shell Scrap object


Internet shortcut


VBScript file


VBScript Encoded script file


VBScript file


Windows Script Component


Windows Script file


Windows Script Host Settings file


XML file that can contain script