Application Information

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

You can customize the Set Up Computer Wizard so that you can deploy additional applications or edit existing application properties.

Adding Applications


Refer to the documentation included with your application to determine disk space and Setup requirements.

To add applications

  1. In the Application name box, type a name for the application. The name can contain 256 characters.

  2. In the Location of setup executable for this application box, type a path to the application's location on the computer running Windows Small Business Server 2003; for example, \\Sbsserver\Clientapps. Click Browse to find your application by searching for an installation location. Click OK.


    When you click OK, your system determines whether the application name already exists. If there is an application with the same name, you can accept the duplicate name or return to this page to edit the name. Duplicate names might confuse users.

Editing Application Properties

Applications included with Windows Small Business Server cannot be edited. To edit the name or installation location of another application, select the application, and then click Edit.

Removing Applications

To remove an application, select the application name, and then click Remove.