Manage Shared Folders

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Using the Manage Shared Folders taskpad, you can view and manage the shared folders on the computer running Windows Small Business Server 2003.

Task Summary

The following table describes the tasks on the Manage Shared Folders taskpad. Some tasks are only available when a shared folder is selected.

Task Description

Add a Shared Folder

Starts the Add Shared Folder Wizard, which adds a new shared folder on the server.

Change Shared Folder Properties

Enables you to modify the selected folder's properties, such as name, path, connection limits, and permissions.

Configure My Documents Redirection

Enables you to redirect, to a single shared folder on your network, the My Documents folders of all client computers on your network that are running Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional.

Stop Sharing

Stops sharing the selected folder. The folder and any files it contains are not removed.

View Connected Users

Enables you to view the total number of connections to all shared folders on the server.

View Open Files

Enables you to view the files that are in use on the server.

Additional Information

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