Worksheet 6 Shared Folder Information

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Windows Small Business Server 2003 shared folders

  1. Record the name of the Users shared folder. In Windows SBS 2003, the default name of the shared folder is Users. To determine which shared folders are on the source server, click Start, click Run, and then type \\SourceServerName.

    Users shared folder name:


  2. Record the name of the ClientApps folder, if there are applications that you want to continue to use in the folder. You will then copy the contents of the share to the destination server in “Step 4. Migrate shared folders and data folders.” In Windows SBS 2003, the default name of the shared folder is ClientApps.

    ClientApps folder name:


Other shared folders

  • List the names of other shared folders to migrate.

    • Do not migrate the Printers, Scheduled Tasks, or SYSVOL shared folders. Unless you have custom logon scripts, do not migrate the NETLOGON shared folder.

    • Do not migrate the TsClient shared folder, because Terminal Services in Application Server mode is not supported on a computer that is running Windows SBS 2003. If you want to continue to host applications centrally, you must install a second server. For more information about adding second servers for Windows SBS 2003, after completing Setup on the destination server, click Start, click Server Management, click Server Computers, click More Information, and then click Configure additional servers.

      Shared folder names and permissions:


    Shared Folder Permissions