Using monitoring tools

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Log files contain important information about application events, Internet Information Services (IIS), security events, and system events, including hardware and software problems that occur. The information is recorded as chronological messages in the log. Some of these logs, such as the firewall logs and the security event logs, can be used for monitoring the security of your local network.

You can monitor the network for attacks by reviewing the firewall and the security event logs. Monitoring of these logs can be achieved by using the monitoring tools available in Windows Small Business Server by using either performance and usage reports or alert notifications.

Server performance and usage reports

Windows Small Business Server 2003 performance and usage reports contain detailed information about the overall health and use of your server. You can configure the reports by running the Monitoring Configuration Wizard. For more information, see Using the Monitoring Configuration Wizard.

You can modify the default reports and attach firewall and security event log files to the report by using the Server Status Reports configuration tool. For more information about attaching log files to server performance and usage reports, see Attach log files to performance or usage reports.

Alert notifications

You can configure the server to generate an alert when an account lockout event occurs. For more information about alert notifications, see Understanding alert notifications.

To configure the server for monitoring, complete the Configure Monitoring task in the To Do List. For information, see Configure Monitoring.

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