Overview of Server Monitoring

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

You can monitor the health and usage of your server by using Server Management, the Monitoring Configuration Wizard, performance and usage reports, and alerts.

  • For an overview of the tools and reports that are available for you to proactively monitor the health and use of your server, see Monitoring overview.

  • You can use the Monitor Small Business Server taskpad in Server Management to view performance and usage reports, event logs, and the status of services. For more information, see Monitor Small Business Server.

  • You can use log files, performance and usage reports, and alerts to inform you about the health of your server. For more information, see Using monitoring tools.

  • Log files contain important information about the hardware, software, and system problems that occur on your server. For more information, see Monitoring log files.

  • Windows SBS includes a predefined set of service and performance-counter alerts, which you can use to become aware of potential problems with the server and to take corrective action more quickly. For more information, see Understanding alert notifications.