Client Computers and Organizational Units

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

The Set Up Computer Wizard displays the Client Computers and Organizational Units page if you created a new organizational unit (OU) by using Active Directory Users and Computers.

To be included in the Set Up Computer Wizard, new organizational units must be created at the following location in Active Directory:

MyBusiness\Computers\OU Name

Organizational units are Active Directory containers that can hold users, groups, and computers. An OU is the smallest unit to which you can assign Group Policy settings or delegate administrative authority.

Using OUs, you can create containers within the Windows Small Business Server domain that reflect how your organization is structured. For example, you could create a Sales OU for the sales force, an Accounting OU for the Finance department, or a Mobile OU for remote users.

You can select an OU from the list provided or create a new one by clicking Create new OU. By default, client computers in the Windows Small Business Server network are placed in the SBS Computers OU.


Client Setup does not assign applications based on OUs.