Migrating user templates

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

To migrate user templates, you must be a member of the Domain Admins security group.

User templates are disabled user accounts that contain properties upon which new user accounts can be based. They cannot be used to log on to a network or to access network resources. You can export templates from one computer (the source computer) and import them to another (the target computer). Both computers must be running Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003.

This feature was designed for the technology consultant. It enables the consultant to create a standardized set of user templates and use them at several companies.

For example, if you work primarily with law firms, you can create a set of user templates common to your customers and modify only company-specific information (such as address or telephone numbers) at each firm. This enables you to leave common information consistent.

Each computer running Windows Small Business Server has four default user templates:

  • Administrator

  • Mobile User

  • Power User

  • User

You can also create your own custom user templates.


  • User templates cannot be migrated to or from previous versions of Small Business Server.

Exporting User Templates

You can use the Export Templates Wizard to create a file that contains configuration information about one or more user templates. This file can be copied to a floppy disk (or other removable media) or even e-mailed to another computer.

Importing User Templates


  • Before importing user templates, you must create, on the target computer, any groups, Windows SharePoint Services site groups, or organizational units that were on the source computer when the user templates were exported.

The Import Templates Wizard copies the user template configuration information from the file created by the Export Template Wizard to the computer running Windows Small Business Server 2003. When the wizard is finished, the imported user templates are available in the Add User Wizard and the Change User Permissions Wizard.

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