Redirection of My Documents failed.

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Cause:  Certain files cannot be made available offline. Files with the following extensions cannot be made available offline:

  • .db*

  • .ldb

  • .mdb

  • .mde

  • .mdw

  • .pst

  • .slm

When you have configured users' My Documents folders to be redirected to the server, files with these extensions are saved to the server only, and they are not saved at logon or logoff to the client computer.

The following error message appears if you try to synchronize these types of files:

"Warnings occurred while Windows was synchronizing your data. Results: Offline files.
Unable to make file name available offline. Files of this type cannot be made available offline."

For more information about this issue, see article 252509, "Error Message: Files of This Type Cannot Be Made Available Offline," in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Solution:  If you have a file that cannot be made available offline and you want to avoid seeing this message at logoff and logon, you can perform one of the following actions:

  • Move the files that cannot be made available offline out of the My Documents folder and in to a shared folder on the server.

  • Disable offline files.

In both of these instances, a file that cannot be made available offline will be unavailable if the server becomes unavailable. However, it will be included in the backup of the server by default. If you disable offline folders, none of your files, regardless of whether they can be made available offline, will be available if the server becomes unavailable.

To disable offline files

  1. In Windows Explorer, click Tools, and then click Folder Options.

  2. On the Offline Files tab, clear the Enable Offline Files check box.