Using routers that support UPnP

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UPnP™ allows the discovery and configuration of UPnP™ devices. When a device that supports UPnP™ is plugged into a network, it is immediately ready for use and can interact with other devices on the network. For example, when you plug in any Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or laptop, you are immediately able to use printers and other resources on the network.

Many small businesses connect to the Internet by using a router that also provides a firewall for the local network.

If the router on your network can be used as a firewall, and it supports UPnP™, you can either:

  • Automatically configure firewall settings by using the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard

    If the router supports UPnP™, the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard prompts you to configure the necessary firewall settings for the router. You must click Yes to have your firewall configured by UPnP™.

    Later in the wizard, you can select additional services to be accessible through the firewall to users on the Internet. For more information about the firewall settings that are configured by the wizard and predefined options for Web services, see Firewall Settings for your network.

  • Manually configure the firewall settings

    If you choose not to use the wizard for configuring the firewall settings automatically on the router, you must configure the firewall settings manually. For more information about configuring these settings, see Appendix C of "Getting Started" at the Microsoft Web site (


  • To determine if your router has firewall or UPnP™ capabilities, see your manufacturer's documentation.

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