Backup fails, reporting "End of media encountered."

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Cause:  The backup does not fit on the media to which you are backing up.


  • Reduce the size of the backup by excluding folders from the backup using the Backup Configuration Wizard.

  • Purchase a backup device with larger capacity.

Cause:  The destination of the backup is a hard drive formatted with the FAT file system. Drives formatted with FAT support a file size of up to 4 GB. If your backup is larger than 4 GB, it exceeds the size of the destination hard drive.

Solution:  Convert the drive to the NTFS file system using convert.exe. For information about using convert.exe, see article 214579, "How to Use Convert.exe to Convert a Partition to the NTFS File System," in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Cause:   The backup does not fit on the hard drive to which you are backing up.

Solution:  Increase the amount of space available on the drive for the backup.