Understanding storage for deleted files and e-mail

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Windows Small Business Server 2003 enables users to recover permanently deleted files and e-mail messages. This recovery is done from the client computer and does not involve the use of backup media or complicated restore procedures.

Storage for deleted files

You can configure the server to make a regularly scheduled snapshot of the server so that users can recover a previous version of a file in the event it is deleted or a version is overwritten. Files are only recoverable if they are deleted from the server partition where the Users shared folder is located. Files stored on users' client computers are not recoverable. If users' My Document folders are redirected to the server, users can recover accidentally deleted files by right-clicking their My Documents folder.

Storage for deleted e-mail

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 provides the ability to temporarily save deleted e-mail messages. Permanently deleted e-mail messages are retained by Exchange for 30 days. You can configure the retention period by using the Backup Configuration Wizard or the Manage Backup taskpad in Server Management.

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