Backup Configuration Wizard

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

You can use the Backup Configuration Wizard to configure backup settings on a server that is running Windows SBS. The Backup Configuration Wizard manages tasks such as defining a backup location, setting a backup schedule, allocating storage for files and e-mail, and assigning an onsite user to manage the backup media.

  • It is recommended that you back up to a tape drive, which is the default. For more information about backup locations, see Backup Location.

  • The Backup Configuration Wizard displays a summary of what is currently included and excluded in the backup. For more information, see Backup Data Summary.

  • To use the Backup Configuration Wizard to define a backup schedule, see Define Backup Schedule.

  • To specify the number of days to keep permanently deleted e-mail messages and the amount of disk space reserved for previous versions of files, see Storage Allocation for Deleted Files and E-mail.

  • To assign an onsite user to be responsible for changing the backup tapes, see Onsite Tape Changer.