Synchronizing mobile devices

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Synchronizing with a server

Users can synchronize data between the mobile device and the computer running Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003.

Personal information, such as Inbox messages, contacts, and calendar information can be stored on the server, the client computer, and the mobile device. Synchronization is the process of comparing the information on the mobile device with the information stored on a server or the client computer to keep it up-to-date in both places. Changes made on one computer are automatically made to the corresponding information on the other computer after synchronization takes place. Synchronization with the server can take place even if the client computer is not running.

When users synchronize with Server ActiveSync, the mobile device compares the calendar, contacts, and Inbox information on the device with the information on the computer running Windows Small Business Server and updates both locations. Before synchronizing, users must configure the device by using settings provided by the network administrator. For more information, see Connect mobile devices.


  • Users can only change the server synchronization settings on the client computer while the mobile device is connected. However, server synchronization settings on the device can be changed at any time.

Synchronizing with a client computer

If there is a partnership between the mobile device and the client computer, users can use synchronization to keep information up-to-date on both computers.


  • A partnership enables a mobile device to synchronize with a client computer.

If a change in information is made on one computer, the change is automatically made on the other computer the next time a user synchronizes.

After the first synchronization, users may find that ActiveSync® did not synchronize all of the information. ActiveSync synchronizes a limited amount of information by default to conserve storage space on the mobile device. Users can modify the amount of information synchronized for each information type.

By default, the mobile device synchronizes continuously with the client computer. Users can change the synchronization mode by selecting to synchronize only upon connection, or only when they manually start synchronization.


  • Information stored on a storage card is not synchronized with the client computer.

  • To synchronize Pocket Outlook information on the mobile device with the client computer, Microsoft Office Outlook®  2003 must be installed on the client computer.

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