Manage Users

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Using the Manage Users taskpad, you can create, modify, and delete user accounts.

Task Summary

The following table describes the tasks on the Manage Users taskpad. Some tasks are only available when a user account is selected.

Task Description

Add a User

Starts the Add User Wizard, enabling you to create a single user account based on a default or custom template. You can also create a user account that is not based on a template.

Add Multiple Users

Starts a version of the Add User Wizard that enables you to create multiple user accounts based on the same user template.

Change User Permissions

Starts the Change User Permissions Wizard, enabling you to update one or more user accounts and to change group memberships and Windows SharePoint Services site group memberships by applying a user template. All previous group memberships, Windows SharePoint Services site group memberships, and the permissions defined by these memberships are removed and replaced by those defined in the template you specify. Users are assigned a home folder and an Exchange mailbox, if they do not have them already. If specific permissions were previously applied directly to the user accounts, those permissions are not changed.

Configure Password Policies

Enables you to define a password policy that specifies minimum password length, complexity, and maximum age. This policy affects new and existing user accounts. After the policy is enabled, all users must change their passwords the next time they log on.

Configure My Documents Redirection

Enables you to redirect all users' My Documents folders from their local computers to a location on the computer running Windows Small Business Server 2003 or to another server on the network.

Change Mailbox and Disk Quota Limits

Enables you to modify the default values for mailbox and disk quotas assigned to a single user or to multiple users.

Offer Remote Assistance

Enables you to offer help to a local area network user if you have administrative privileges and know the computer name or IP address.

Manage Computers

Opens the Manage Client Computers taskpad.

Change Password

Enables you to reset the network password for the selected user account.

Add User to a Group

Enables you to specify additional security or distribution group memberships for the selected user account.

Rename User

Enables you to change the display name for the selected user account. You can change the first name, last name, or both.

This change does not affect the user's logon name or e-mail alias.

Change User Properties

Enables you to change properties for the selected user account.

Enable Account

Enables the selected user account. After the account is enabled, the user can log on and access network resources as defined by his or her permissions and group memberships.

Disable Account

Disables the selected user account. While the account is disabled, the user cannot log on to the network or access network resources, such as e-mail or printers.

Remove User

Permanently removes the selected user account. After an account is removed, it cannot be recovered.

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