Understanding the intranet

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003 provides a preconfigured internal Web site (an intranet) based on Windows® SharePoint® Services. This turn-key site is available from within the company network at http://companyweb/. It enables domain users to share information, such as documents, photographs, and upcoming events, from a central location.

This site uses a combination of Internet Information Services (IIS) and a database provided by the Microsoft SQL Data Engine (MSDE). The site installs in IIS on its own virtual server. All documents, lists, metadata, and settings are stored in MSDE.

The site is installed and configured when the server tools are installed. The site is configured to include items such as links, shortcuts, sample document libraries, and other lists.

By default, the intranet includes the following:

  • A site theme designed for small businesses, providing a common and predictable user experience for all small companies.

  • A default announcement on the home page, welcoming users to their company's new internal Web site.

  • Five sample document libraries, with a sample document in each that explains how document libraries can be used.

  • A Help Desk, where users can submit technical issues, and you or a power user can track and resolve them.

  • A company Vacation Calendar, where users can record and track time off.

  • Shortcuts in a Quick Launch bar.

  • Links on the home page to other internal sites useful for end users.

  • Fax tools that enable incoming faxes to be routed to a document library.

  • Windows Small Business Server Help designed for end users.

The intranet is administered by using the Web-based management tools provided by Windows SharePoint Services. Shortcuts to common tasks appear in both Server Management and Server Management for Power Users. Managing the intranet involves two main administration levels:

  • Central Administration, which encompasses all sites on the computer running Windows Small Business Server. This type of administration can only be accessed by members of the Domain Admins security group and is accessible from the Manage Intranet taskpad in Server Management or at http://companyweb:8081.

  • Site Administration, which refers to individual sites. You can delegate this administration to users on the default site or any subsites, without granting logon or administrative rights on the server. By default, users can create and manage new sites but can only add domain users as members. Users that create new sites do not have administrative access to other sites.

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