Activate Your Server

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Complete this task to activate Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server. Product activation is quick, simple, and unobtrusive, and it protects your privacy. The activation process is designed to reduce software piracy (the number of illegal copies of a product) and is required to ensure that core services function properly. You do not need to give your name or other personal information when you activate the server.

Product activation and product registration are not the same. Activation is completely anonymous; it requires absolutely no personally identifiable information to complete. Activation is required and ensures that each Windows product is not installed on more than the limited number (usually one) of computers allowed in the software's end user license agreement, or EULA. Activation is also required to ensure that core services function properly.

During activation, you can also register your copy of Windows. Registration is not required; however, registering your copy ensures that you receive product support, product update information, and other benefits. The process of registration takes only a few minutes to complete. Personal information (for example, "contact" information such as an e-mail address) is required if you decide to register.

You have a short grace period in which to activate your Windows product installation. If the grace period expires and you have not completed activation, some features, such as adding client access licenses, cannot be performed until the server is activated.

To learn more about the server activation process, see Activation and Licensing at the Microsoft Web site (