Importing files to document libraries

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Typically, files are stored in shared folders on the server. These files can be difficult to locate because users must know the exact path to various folders within a large file structure, even if they are able to browse. The company's internal Web site (the intranet) includes document libraries, where users can store and share documents in a convenient, Web-based environment.

Documents stored in shared folders on the network and the server can be easily imported into document libraries. You can add and organize document libraries and subfolders to meet your business needs.

Files can be imported into a document library through two methods:

  • Import Files Wizard. This wizard imports files and subfolders contained in shared folders on the network to a document library. You can move entire folders and folder structures but not individual files within those folders. To move individual files, use the Upload Document button (as described in the following method).

  • Upload Document button. When you open a document library, you can click Upload Document. You can copy individual or multiple files by using this method. All files must be in the same folder. This is the only method available to end users.


  • Personal files or files containing sensitive information should not be stored in document libraries.

  • Files moved into a document library do not retain user-specified security settings.

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