Manage Backup by using Windows SBS Console

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2008

In the Konzola systému Windows SBS, on the Backup and Server Storage tab, Backup includes administrative tasks that make it easy to create and manage your server backups.

The following table lists the backup tasks that are available in Konzola systému Windows SBS and their descriptions. Some tasks are visible only after a backup is selected.

Available backup administrative tasks

Task Name Description

Configure server backup

Starts the Configure Server Backup Wizard, which enables you to configure Backup settings. The Configure Backup Wizard enables you to:

  • Choose the external storage drive where you want to back up your data.

  • Choose whether to back up the full server or only certain drives.

  • Specify a schedule for when you want the backup to run.

How do I restore server data from a backup?

Opens the Help topic, “Restore server data from backup,” which provides step-by-step instructions for restoring the server data by using the Recovery Wizard.

Restore server data from a backup

Opens Windows Server 2008 Backup MMC snap-in.

Tell me more about server backup

Opens the Help topic "Backing Up Server Data” in Windows Small Business Server 2008 Help.

Refresh this view

Refreshes the Backup page.

Add or remove backup destinations

Displays the Backup Destinations tab of Backup Properties, which shows a list of available external hard drives. You can add a hard drive or remove a hard drive from your server backup.

Add or remove backup items

Displays the Backup Items tab of Backup Properties, which shows a list of drives that contain data. You can include or exclude data drives from the server backup.

Change backup schedule

Displays the Backup Schedule tab of Backup Properties and allows you to change the time of day the backup is scheduled to run.

Pause backup schedule

Pauses the scheduled backup.


You cannot pause a backup that is currently in progress.

View backup history

Displays the Backup History tab of Backup Properties and displays a list of previous server backups.

Backup now

Starts the server backup immediately.


You must have completed configuring the server backup settings to perform this task.

Disable backup

Disables the server backup configuration. You must run backup configuration again to configure the server backup.

Stop backup

Stops the currently running backup job.