Use Remote Web Workplace

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2008

To use Remote Web Workplace

  1. On the remote computer, open an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer.

  2. In the address bar, type https://<DomainName>/remote, where <DomainName> is the external domain name of your organization, such as

    If you receive an error message that says, "There is a problem with this web site’s security certificate," (see Figure 17), it is strongly recommended that you not visit the Remote Web Workplace Web site. To resolve this error, install the security certificate for your server on your remote computer. For detailed information about how to do this, see Install the security certificate that is issued by the server on a remote computer.


  3. Type your user name and password to log on to Remote Web Workplace.

  4. On the Remote Web Workplace home page, do one of the following:

    • To check e-mail over the Internet, click Check E-Mail.

    • To connect to any computer on the network (for which you have permissions) and to access the desktop, applications, files, and other resources as if you were at that computer in your office, click Connect to a Computer.

    • To open your organization's internal Web site, click Internal Web site. You can access the same internal Web site resources that are available to you in your office.

    • To open the Change Password page, click Change Password.

    • To open the “Windows Small Business Server 2008 Client Computer Help,” click View Help.

    • To learn how to use Remote Web Workplace, within Organization links, click Using Remote Web Workplace.

    • To view instructions for configuring your remote computer, which is running Outlook 2003, to access your server e-mail account over the Internet, within Organization links, click How do I use Outlook Anywhere?

    • To launch an Internet browser and view your organization’s Web site, within Organization links, click Browse your Business Web site.

    • To launch an Internet browser and view your organization’s Web site for business applications, within Organization links, click Browse your Business Applications Web site.

      The last two links are displayed only if Office Live Small Business Web sites are set up and you have the required permissions.