Information Workers' Guide to Windows Small Business Server 2008

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2008

Are you wondering what the Windows® Small Business Server 2008 (Windows SBS) server software can do for you? This document tells you. It explains how to take full advantage of your computer network, e-mail, shared files and folders, Remote Web Workplace, the internal Web site, mobile devices, the Fax service, and the Windows Small Business Server Desktop Links gadget. For more information, click one of the following:

  • Your computer network.   How to join your computer to the network, how to create a complex password, how to change your password, and how to connect to your office computer from a remote location.

  • E-mail messages.   How to view e-mail messages from a client computer, a remote computer, or a mobile device. This section also explains how to access e-mail messages by using Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access or Outlook Anywhere and how to view archived e-mail messages.

  • Shared files and folders.   How to access files that are shared on the server, how to access files and folders that are on your local computer and that are redirected to the server, and how to access files and folders that are on the internal Web site.

  • Remote Web Workplace.   How to access Remote Web Workplace from a local or a remote computer. This section also explains how to troubleshoot Remote Web Workplace.

  • Working remotely.   How to access your network by using Remote Web Workplace or by using a virtual private network.

  • Internal Web site.   How to access the internal Web site from a local or remote computer, how to create a document library on the internal Web site, and how to add a document to the library.

  • Mobile devices.   How install the security certificate for the server on your mobile device and how to use your mobile device to access your e-mail, calendar, and contact information.

  • Fax.   How to install and configure the Windows Fax and Scan component in the Windows XP and the Windows Vista® operating systems. In addition, this section explains how to use the fax cover pages that are on your organization’s internal Web site.

  • Office Live Small Business Web sites.   How to browse to your Business Web site and to the Business Application Web site that is hosted by Office Live Small Business.

  • Windows Small Business Server Desktop Links gadget.   How to add the Windows Small Business Server Desktop Links gadget to a computer that is running Windows Vista. This section also explains how to use the gadget to access resources on your Windows SBS 2008 network.