Reroute incoming e-mail from your server to Exchange Online

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2008

If you established e-mail coexistence, all of the e-mail that is sent to the domain of your organization is routed to your local mailboxes, and then it is forwarded to Exchange Online. If your organization does not use applications that require a local installation of Exchange Server, you can change the mail exchanger (MX) resource record to reroute incoming e-mail to Exchange Online.

To reroute incoming e-mail to Exchange Online

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Online Services Administration Center by using your Administrator user name and password.

  2. On the Users tab, click Domains, and then, in the All Domains pane, click your domain name.

  3. On the Domain Properties tab, select Authoritative.

  4. On the Inbound Messaging tab, click Enable.

  5. In the Enable Inbound Messaging Wizard, click Enable.

  6. On the Confirmation page, carefully read and follow the instructions.

  7. Sign in to the Web portal for your domain registrar, access your domain account settings, and add a highest-priority MX record for the domain that you enable to receive inbound messages.

  8. Copy your Microsoft Online Services MX record information (similar to, and then enter this information into the appropriate MX record location in your domain account.

  9. Save the changes to your MX records, and then sign off of your domain registrar account.