Create a Simple Internet Facing Load Balancer (Java)

Azure Network sample for creating a simple Internet facing load balancer -


This sample creates a simple Internet facing load balancer that receives network traffic on port 80 and sends load-balanced traffic to two virtual machines


  1. Create two virtual machines for the backend...
  • in the same availability set
  • in the same virtual network

Create an Internet facing load balancer with ...

  • A public IP address assigned to an implicitly created frontend
  • One backend address pool with the two virtual machines to receive HTTP network traffic from the load balancer
  • One load balancing rule for HTTP to map public ports on the load balancer to ports in the backend address pool

Delete the load balancer

Running this sample

To run this sample:

Set the environment variable AZURE_AUTH_LOCATION with the full path for an auth file. See how to create an auth file.

git clone
cd network-java-create-simple-internet-facing-load-balancer
mvn clean compile exec:java

More information

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