DevOps Openhack Proctor Repository

This repo contains the code for the provisioning of the resources necessary to execute a DevOps openhack event. The relevant code individual teams use (i.e. the APIs) to complete their challenges can be found in the DevOps Openhack Team repository.


The components are organized by folders which contain the following:

  • leaderboard - visualizes the uptime for the teams' APIs and contains an Azure Functions API which connects to CosmosDB, Sentinel (pods to query the APIs and report status), and a web front end.
  • provision-proctor - code to support the provisioning of a complete proctor environment (1 needed per event).
  • provision-team - code to support the provisioning of a complete team environment.
  • provision-vm - automates the provisioning of an Ubuntu 16.04 VM used as the foundation for provisioning the team and proctor environments.
  • simulator - simulates traffic to the SQL database the APIs use for every team's environment.

Go to the root of these folders to see a readme with deeper information on each component.

Getting Started


The first step is to create a virtual machine which has the necessary software installed required to provision the teams and proctor environments. In order to create the VM, only the following needs to be installed

  • Azure PowerShell
  • An Azure Subscription

High-Level Installation Flow

Deploy a team environment using the Azure Resource Manager template.


For troubleshooting or answers to common questions, please read the FAQ.