Windows 10 IoT Core API Porting Tool

Windows 10 IoT Core only supports a subset of the Win32 and .NET API surface area available on various prior versions of Windows. This tool will scan your binaries and give you a report of the APIs these binaries use that aren't available and give suggestions for possible replacements. This will both help with estimating the cost of a port to IoT Core as well as help you along the way.


The Windows 10 IoT Core API Porting Tool can be found in the ms-iot/iot-utilities GitHub repository. Download the repository zip and copy the IoTAPIPortingTool folder to your local machine. Open IoTAPIPortingTool.sln in Visual Studio 2017 and build the project. This will generate IotAPIPortingTool.exe.

You can use the tool by running IoTAPIPortingTool.exe <Application path> [-os].

  • <Application path> exe of application that porting tool is used for

  • -os should be specified if you are not planning to use UWP. By default, the tool validates your binaries against the Windows UWP platform.


IoTAPIPortingTool.exe must be run from a Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt. You need to navigate to the folder that contains the IotAPIPortingTool.exe.

        Sample command: C:\IoTAPIPortingTool\bin\Debug>IoTAPIPortingTool.exe C:\Sample\Sample.exe -os


The tool will generate a comma-separated values (csv) file in same folder that contains the IotAPIPortingTool.exe. The file is named IoTAPIPortingTool.csv (or, IoTAPIPortingToolOS.csv if -os is specified) and a summary will be on the command line. Open the .csv file in Excel to analyze the complete output.