Game development videos

Here's a list of game development videos from major conferences like GDC and //build.

GDC 2018 videos


What is LiveOps? Learn why developers are creating live games: Your game for everyone with PlayFab (Interview) - James Gwertzman, David Holladay

Azure cloud services

Xbox Live Creators Program


Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and App Center

What is VSTS? Learn how to implement DevOps in your build process: Introduction to Visual Studio Team Services - Dmitry Lyalin, James Montemagno


New to version control systems? Intro to Git and Git Virtual File System (GVFS): Introduction to GVFS - Edward Thomson, James Montemagno

Visual Studio

Game development experiences

Microsoft Store

Mixed Reality

Game Accessibility Conference 2018

//Build 2017 videos

GDC 2017 game dev session videos

GDC 2015 game dev session videos

//build 2015 session videos


These are videos that were in the Windows 10 game development guide.