PowerShell cmdlets reference for Azure Scheduler


Azure Logic Apps is replacing Azure Scheduler, which is being retired. To continue working with the jobs that you set up in Scheduler, please migrate to Azure Logic Apps as soon as possible.

Scheduler is no longer available in the Azure portal, but the REST API and Azure Scheduler PowerShell cmdlets remain available at this time so that you can manage your jobs and job collections.

To author scripts for creating and managing Scheduler jobs and job collections, you can use PowerShell cmdlets. This article lists the major PowerShell cmdlets for Azure Scheduler with links to their reference articles. To install Azure PowerShell for your Azure subscription, see How to install and configure Azure PowerShell. For more information about Azure Resource Manager cmdlets, see Using Azure PowerShell with Azure Resource Manager.


This article has been updated to use the Azure Az PowerShell module. The Az PowerShell module is the recommended PowerShell module for interacting with Azure. To get started with the Az PowerShell module, see Install Azure PowerShell. To learn how to migrate to the Az PowerShell module, see Migrate Azure PowerShell from AzureRM to Az.

Cmdlet Description
Disable-AzSchedulerJobCollection Disables a job collection.
Enable-AzureRmSchedulerJobCollection Enables a job collection.
Get-AzSchedulerJob Gets Scheduler jobs.
Get-AzSchedulerJobCollection Gets job collections.
Get-AzSchedulerJobHistory Gets job history.
New-AzSchedulerHttpJob Creates an HTTP job.
New-AzSchedulerJobCollection Creates a job collection.
New-AzSchedulerServiceBusQueueJob Creates a Service Bus queue job.
New-AzSchedulerServiceBusTopicJob Creates a Service Bus topic job.
New-AzSchedulerStorageQueueJob Creates a Storage queue job.
Remove-AzSchedulerJob Removes a Scheduler job.
Remove-AzSchedulerJobCollection Removes a job collection.
Set-AzSchedulerHttpJob Modifies a Scheduler HTTP job.
Set-AzSchedulerJobCollection Modifies a job collection.
Set-AzSchedulerServiceBusQueueJob Modifies a Service Bus queue job.
Set-AzSchedulerServiceBusTopicJob Modifies a Service Bus topic job.
Set-AzSchedulerStorageQueueJob Modifies a Storage queue job.

For more details, you can run any of these cmdlets:

Get-Help <cmdlet name> -Detailed
Get-Help <cmdlet name> -Examples
Get-Help <cmdlet name> -Full

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