Develop with Q# and Binder

Learn how to create a Q# application using Binder. You can use Binder to run and share Jupyter Notebooks online.

Use Binder with the QDK samples

To configure Binder automatically to use the Quantum Development Kit (QDK) samples:

  1. Open a browser and run
  2. On the Quantum Development Kit Samples landing page, click Q# notebook to learn how to use IQ# to write your own quantum application notebooks.

QDK landing page

Use Binder with your own notebooks and repository

If you already have notebooks in a GitHub repository, you can configure Binder to work with your repo:

  1. Ensure that there is a file named Dockerfile in the root of your repository. The file must contain at least the following lines:

    USER root
    COPY . ${HOME}
    RUN chown -R ${USER} ${HOME}
    USER ${USER}


    You can verify the most current version of IQ# in the Release Notes.

    For more information about creating a Dockerfile, see the Dockerfile reference.

  2. Open a browser to

  3. Enter your repository name as the GitHub URL (for example MyName/MyRepo), and click launch.

MyBinder form

Next steps

Now that you have set up your Binder environment, you can write and run your first quantum program.