List views


These release notes describe functionality that may not have been released yet. To see when this functionality is planned to release, please review What's new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship (see Microsoft policy).

In response to one of the top ideas from our community, users can now save their list filters and similar personalizations to create different ways of slicing their data. List views are given a name, such as "Items I sell," and might include filters on totals and dimensions, filter tokens (such as %MyCustomers) to dynamically filter to the right data, as well as different sorting allowing more complex and tailored views of a list. Views now appear on any list irrespective of how you navigate to it. Users can quickly switch between different views of a list, which includes their own personal views or views that come as standard in their business application or for their role. Similar to other personalizations, list views roam with the user, no matter which device or browser they sign in to.

Developers also have a new, simple and elegant model to build custom list views in Visual Studio Code.

Concept design illustrating how changes to a list view could be saved using a menu in the filter pane